is a multi-media on-line magazine designed for the modern web traveler. In it, readers can find progressive businesses with moving virtual tours that can be sent to new customers via tell-a-friend sharing. is the original product of the creative minds at CJSWebWorks. It began in the summer of 2003 as the natural outgrowth of work we were performing for local merchants.

TowneDigest combines the easily understood qualities of a high end glossy magazine with the web-enabled features of search engine placement, immediate delivery to any global net surfer, on-line printable coupons, easily launched sales, news and reviews, recipes, music and on-line games.

The moving virtual tours allow readers to take a sneak peak at businesses from the comfort of their own homes. Distance melts away as people search Google or Yahoo, for example, and then come across advertisers who have virtual tours that take the reader on a tour of somewhere that they have never been before. We have seen traffic from as far away as Osaka, Japan visit local merchant's TowneDigest web pages.

Because of the amount of traffic from long distances to the magazine (as of September 2003, there have been readers of from all 50 States and 142 individual countries) a new feature coming into use is the mini secure-payment e-commerce store. These stores are built along with the individual merchant ads in the magazine. Some merchants such as ForceOne Big Discounts Salon Hair Care Products offer over a hundred items for purchase and shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Paper advertising can always inspire you to pick up the phone or drive into a store to purchase something, but these ads, because they are web-based actually allow for secure immediate purchase of goods and services "right off of the ad" itself.

There are also various columns including restaurant reviews, health news, recipes, on-line games, and a community events calendar that can be freely added to by the readership. Readers can also play pop or classical music while browsing all the different advertisements and news columns.

Special features such as Tell-A-Friend allows readers to send the ads, news columns and recipes to their friends via e-Mail. Another unusual feature is that all pages are individually coded and submitted to search engines. Because of that many ads and recipes, etc. are listed in the top ten listings of Google, and Yahoo Search.



CJSWebWorks also can produce custom ad layouts for use on the web in our e-zine, or if you would like to use your new ad look in traditional newspaper advertising, we can recreate you web-based ad into a 300 dpi print advertising format and structure.

When creating your new ads we can work with your branding materials or visit your store or office to take hi resolution digital photographs which we use to create your new ad layouts. Using digital imagery allows us to create a new look or layout without taking weeks of development time.

If you are interested in advertising in your local papers utilizing our layout and design skills, or are curious to put a web-based ad on-line, please feel free to call us on our toll free number 1-866-884-5507, contact us via e-mail, or use our contact form, just click on the Contact button on the bottom of the screen.

We will be happy to visit you, do a laptop demo, and show you how multi-media advertising at can enhance your future. Remember, all ads and news columns have ‘tell-a-friend’ codes to allow for e-Mail based customer referrals and, all pages are submitted to search engines. We can describe details better when we meet.

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