Digital Photography and Virtual Tours


CJSWebWorks specializes in digital photography and the optimization of photos for fast web delivery. If you have ever been on-line waiting and waiting for a photo to download, you already know the importance of having fast loading, optimized photos.

At CJSWebWorks we visit personally to do the photo session for your virtual tour. We do not use templates or "plug-in" programs to make your tour. We build it frame by frame.

We also interview you to find out the important features of your business and the key words that your clients look for when shopping for your type of service. The result is that your tour represents the uniqueness of your business.

Virtual Tours are another great marketing feature that works for you around the clock. Virtual tours allow your visitors to take a "sneak peak" at your store, your merchandise, your restaurant, your décor, and even get to know how friendly your staff is.

Your moving virtual tour provides what we call a "mini TV commercial" so your web site visitors can see your store without ever leaving their homes. They can view and visit your store even when you are closed and at home. The virtual tour will work for you at any time of the day or night. It can even allow visitors from across the country to get to know you. We feel that when you drop ship and sell locally or even nationally, this is an incredible tool. It's a MUST.

A virtual tour where you have the dizzying experience of standing in the middle of the one and only photo and turning around leaves us cold. We like to walk through an establishment and talk to your clients about your services in your custom virtual tour.

To see what we mean just visit or where we have many business tours.

on-line Video


With the advent of total digital video, now you, the business owner, can have custom video produced of you greeting your prospective clients produced at your business place for a fraction of the cost that was common even three years ago.

We have developed a method of shooting pure digital video of you or a designated spokesperson in your organization and embedding it in your web site so that it immediately greets your web visitors.

The outcome is that prospective clients feel like they already know you and identify with your image and products just like from a television commercial.

View our sample client portfolio page and scan the listings for sites using video greetings to see what this medium can do for you and your ability to attract new clients and customers.

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