Logo Design


Because CJSWebWorks works with organizations, foundations and merchant companies who have wonderful products and services but not necessarily the staff or expertise to know the digital end of sharing their business over long distances on computer systems, we find ourselves in circumstances where the original artwork for a logo or a piece of letterhead is nowhere to be found.

In these cases, or when we work with new businesses who do not yet have their branding materials and collateral in hand, we use another part of our creative toolbox - we design the new image or recreate an image that was used for years but has no master files or artwork to work from.

We will design logos, business cards, corporate letterhead, mailing cards, flyers, corporate reports and any other collateral that you many need.

If this work is done in conjunction with a web design project there is always significant savings. Call to inquire anytime on our toll free number 1-866-884-5507.

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