NAMES: If you do not yet have your domain name (.com, .org, etc.) we will research and make suggestions of easy to remember names for your new web site. There is no charge for this service.

HOSTING: CJSWebWorks can host your new web site or, if you are in need of a re-design of your existing web site, we can work with your existing web hosting company.

When we host our clients' web sites we can include at no extra charge e-mail addresses at your web site, that is, etc. Many hosts charge per name to set-up and maintain your e-mail addresses.

Your e-mail can be picked up anywhere in the world from an internet connection or it can be autoforwarded to your persoanl e-mail account and thereby save you from having to check another e-mail account. The nice thing about utilizing autoforwarding is that you don't have to share your personal e-mail address with the world by posting it on your web site. Mail that comes from your business site is displayed with your dot com name on it and so is easily identified as being business related.

We also, at no extra charge, will point other dot com names that you may have purchased to your main name. So, if you have purchased a couple variations on your name, or have your name with and without hyphenation, for example, your names can all be active on the web without the extra fee that many hosts charge.

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