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Christopher Wilde, Artist

Bio / Statement:

My work deconstructs the physical world, as it has been understood by the tradition of western art since the renaissance, with a minimum of physical triggers, or symbols, to engage the viewer.

Frankly, I choose not to completely control the viewer's experience of the painting at hand. I prefer to leave some things unsaid and open to the universal recognition of the individual.
I find the colors and forms of nature as constant inspiration, however, I am not a realist. I don't want to make images that mirror photographs. I feel that if a photo is wanted, then shoot a photo.

In my earliest years I devoted myself to music and photography. I studied instrumental music and voice and got a degree in music performance. I sang as a professional opera singer when I arrived in New York and did recital work as well. I also studied Meisner Acting Technique and I did stage work and some television work and stage direction.
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christopher wilde abstract artist long island new yorkMy experience on stage and with multiple languages and cultures fed me musically, but my sense of the visual grew too. I associate music and rhythm with the movement of the brush, as paint flows and shows where it needs to go. This comes from my background and I am glad for it.

I want my images to make the observer stop and lose themselves in a sense of movement, color and even the rhythm and sounds of color. To me good work should have some universal merit even if not admired universally. It should make the viewer stop and look and ask "what is this?" I like an image to take the viewer's awareness on a visual ride. To make them involuntarily scan different areas of the canvas - to try and get into it, feel it, understand it.

As humans, we all have an innate desire to complete what we see. To categorize it from previous experiences, quickly file it away as "known" and move on. A good visual experience short circuits that familiar process, and makes the viewer a willing (or non-willing) participant in wanting to understand what they are seeing.

For me, an image that makes time stop for a short moment and allows for something new to be seen is a success. A successful canvas can evoke times remembered, the sense of smell, a touch or movement. It is my extended goal to find that experience and, if I can create even a part of that, I will have served a purpose.

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